Those with hearing loss in both ears benefit most from wearing a hearing instrument in each ear. Being fitted with “binaural” hearing instruments provides the listener with a better ability to locate sounds. This increased “localizing” capability occurs by being able to differentiate between the spatial location of a desired speaker and undesired noise. When spatial separation is present, the central auditory system normally functions to allow the suppression of undesired background noise and the capacity to concentrate on desired speech. To better understand the advantage of binaural listening over monaural listening, those with normal hearing should try plugging one ear with a finger while trying to hear the words of a conversation partner in a noisy restaurant.

Proper hearing promotes better communication. When an uncorrected hearing impairment causes the loss of special moments in your life, it’s time to rediscover the benefits of healthy hearing and learn about the marvelous wonders now available in hearing instruments. Come see us at BETTER HEARING CENTER and discover how today’s hearing aids are virtually disappearing from sight whether you’re wearing one instrument or two. As New Hampshire’s premier hearing care provider, we offer a complete range of hearing healthcare services.

P.S. One advantage of wearing two hearing instruments is increased tinnitus suppression.